NRS Arena
Located 4 miles south of Decatur, Texas on Hwy. 287, the state-of-the-art NRS Training Facility is located on the 265 acre Sand Hill Ranch, just one hour from the DFW Airport and 35 minutes north of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Housed under one roof, the training center encompasses a 300′ x 150′ arena with cattle working pens, 56 stalls, wash racks, viewing areas, pro-shop, kitchen, meeting area and much more! Everything is designed and laid out for your comfort and convenience to make your experience with us the best it can possibly be.

Sand Hill Cook House & Meeting Room
Bring the kids!


Saddle Shop

Each NRS Pro Series saddle is developed and tested at the NRS Training Center, ridden on every horse at the NRS Training Center and built right here at the NRS Training Center. The NRS Pro Series Saddle Shop is 30 feet from the dirt of the training arena and under the same roof. What that means is we know what we are talking about when it comes to building saddles and we prove it everyday using them on every horse in training.

We have the finest saddle makers in the business with over 20 years of experience and hundreds of saddles in use on horses across the country. Each saddle is handmade from start to finish by each saddle maker and proudly carries his maker stamp on each saddle. Fitting the rigs, carving the most comfortable ground seat, molding the skirts to the bars, hand-sewing the cantle binding, stamping or carving your favorite pattern are only a few of the many pain staking tasks that it takes to build a Pro Series saddle with the highest attention to detail. There are definitely no assembly lines, robots, or complicated automated machines cranking out these saddles.


Passing through and need somewhere to stay or need a stall for your horse? Our stalls are safe and well-maintained.

Stalls: $25 per night (if not in clinic)


Trailer Hook-ups
You can come to a clinic, park your trailer and relax for the weekend. There are hook- ups for trailers with living quarters and RVs located on site at the NRS Events Center for your convenience. Bunkhouses and trailer hook-ups are not included in the base price of the clinics. Please call for availability. Water and Electricity included.

Hookups: $25 per night


Outdoor Arena