Every Rope Myers Steer Wrestling Clinic features intentional training designed to improve every level of steer wrestler, from the complete beginner through the advanced rodeo athlete.  From ground work on the “Steer Saver”, the mechanical steer sled developed by the Myers, to chute dogging live steers,  Rope teaches the basics of the steer wrestling run.  Before students run live cattle from horseback, they will experience multiple runs from the “Horse Saver”, another great training aid that bridges the gap between the chute and a live horse.   Every step of the way, Rope details what a perfect run looks like – how it works and why it works.   This clinic is designed to improve overall technique and teach students the best ways to practice, resulting in faster times and more consistent catches.

Limited to 20 students.

All clinic tuitions include breakfast, lunch and a stall.

Lease Horses will be available at $100 for the weekend from Rope.


Rope Myers was the 2001 World champion steer wrestler and is a nine-time NFR qualifier. He earned a gold medal at the 2002 Olympic Command Performance Rodeo in Salt Lake City, during the Winter Games. Attending one of this World Champion’s schools will help you develop your skills as well as give you the keys to becoming successful in the arena and out. The clinic will be using the same steers that will be used at the 2016 Texas High School Rodeo Finals.