Come spend 4 exciting days on the NRS Ranch learning the ins and outs of practical ranch management. Whether you want to operate a large cow/ calf operation or just don’t want to look like a dummy when your neighbor asks you to help at their branding… this clinic is for you!!

NRS Ranch Management and Skills Clinic Topics

Gathering and Handling Methods

  • Horses, Dogs, ATV, Feed buggy
  • Feed, The #1 Calming Tool
  • Portable Pens, Fixed Pens
  • Hauling To Pens, Loading

Cattle Movement, Sorting, and Body Language

  • Pairs and Separating Pairs
  • WorkIng Pens On Foot vs Horseback
  • Sorting – Dries, Wet, Classifying
  • Speed and Body Language

Cow Health – Ranch Vet

  • Vaccinations and Wormer
  • Aging and Teeth
  • Conformation and Milk Issues

Commercial Marketing and Lawclinic-benefits22

  • Selling Cattle
  • Sale Barns vs Electronic vs Private
  • Purchasing
  • TSCRA, Laws


  • Seasonal Feed and Availability
  • Mineral and Liquids
  • Hay vs “Standing Hay”


  • Feed Equipment
  • Processing Equipment
  • Small Items
  • Demonstrations


  • Bull Selection and EPDs
  • Trich and Fertility Testing
  • AI – SHORT – Push Outside Education
  • Pregnancy Detection – Palpation and Blood
  • Cow Selection – Outside Replacement
  • Internal Replacement Heifers
  • Cleaning Up Herds
  • Commercial vs Registered – SHORT

Pasture Care

  • SHORT – Push Outside Education

Branding Pen

  • Ground Work
  • Roping
  • Flanking
  • Branding and Vaccinations
  • Horsemanship

Calf Health – Ranch Vet

  • Vaccinations
  • Castration Methods
  • Pre and Post Wean Care
  • Calving Season – Vet Care vs You

8:00 am – 5:00 pm each day